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Crafting a widest range of semi precious gemstone slabs tiles and articles give us motivation to make something more luxury unique and lavish design and arts. Our Natural Stones Collections also popular for making unique flooring and exterior space.

We deliver widest range of semi precious gemstone slabs tiles after selection of most beautiful semi precious gemstone resourced throughout the world. Our natural stone slabs tiles will also help you to make your home beautiful.


white quartz kitchen work top

Wash Basin

black onyx semi precious stone wash basin sink


purple agate gemstone coasters set

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Our Expertise

Widest Selection of Gemstones

Widest Selection of Gemstones

After working with plenty number of architects, interior designers and consultants, we understood the different taste of gemstone application throughout the world and so could be able to deliver around 190 different semi precious gemstones slabs tiles and articles. We always try to develop a new semi precious gemstone slabs tiles surface which is not easily available in market.

Pipelined Production Facility

Pipelined Production Facility

Our pipelined production facility provides the exact accuracy and quality to our beautifully crafted products. our technology enabled machinery and hard working artisans helps us to see the gemstone through a unique architectural eye. Our 4 Production Units support us to make different type of natural stone gemstone crafted products.

Customized Product Solutions

Customized Product Solutions

Our magical hands can create and deliver you any type of customisation possible with semi precious gemstone. we are always interest to develop different new possibilities with god gifted semi precious gemstones. crafting a gemstone in new shape everyday is our passion and that passion helps us to develop beautiful semi precious gemstone furniture articles everyday.

Fastest Delivery System Network

Fastest Delivery System Network

Our logistics co-partners are well known throughout the world and tying up with our co partners help us to deliver our semi precious gemstone slabs tiles articles throughout the world with safety and prosperity. We provide door delivery worldwide to 190 countries and 1120 cities.

Delivery Approach

Delivery Approach

We have been manufacturing and exporting our beautiful semi precious gemstones tiles slabs products and articles to USA, UAE, Saudi, UK, Russia, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe and different other countries.

Customized Product Solutions

Customized Product Solutions

Our magical hands can create and deliver you any type of customisation possible with semi precious gemstone. we are always interest to develop different new possibilities with god gifted semi precious gemstones.

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Serving the world from 2001

Creative Approach

Luxury Products Segment

Height stones luxury believe in art and artisans and that perspective made us top brand in semi precious gemstone products and articles. Our approach towards semi precious gemstone slabs, counter top, table top, kitchen top, bathroom accessories, interior articles and accessories, wall application products and many other unique luxury lifestyle decor products.

Design & Evolution

We have been working to develop all new different type of gemstone products and articles everyday. our passion is to spread the positive element (gemstone) throughout the modern architectural concept. our 7 step quality check policy help us to develop unique and best design to keep our eyes satisfied.

Sales & Support

Our idea is not to just make sales of semi precious gemstone tiles slabs products and articles, we are working to build up a strong relationship with all of our client. we are always concerned to check the safest delivery of our products to our clients. if something happens with the product, we always take step to even replace the whole material on our own cost just to build up a strong relationship. Our support team is always ready to answer all the queries 24 x 7.

Competition & Payment Terms

We believe in short margin and build up a big client list, just because of this competitive advantage we are here with hundreds of co partners and buyers throughout the world. We provide best competitive prices for our best quality products. we always try to make our flexible in payment terms.

purple agate slabs

The way to deliver our research and development.

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Crsytal Agate Chandelier

Crystal agate chandelier and agate beaded chandelier are our new development of semi precious gemstone. these products and immense look of luxury lighting and it…

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Unique Luxury Gemstone Tea Cup Set

Unique Luxury Gemstone Tea Cup Set

Sometimes i try to put gemstone into any product which i see and imagine from my eyes. this semi precious stone gemstone tea cup set was an idea when i was having…

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They have great team of development of new products. especially their interest towards gemstone shows their passion to their work.

— AMR Fiky

Product Manager, CMS Consultancy

Height stones have wide range of gemstone colour slabs. will prefer to deal again in future

— Peter Thomson

CL Stone, USA

Good Quality Products, will work in future again

— Mohammad Ismail

Interior Designer, UAE

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